When we found out we were expecting our second child we knew we want to hire a doula. We were so incredibly blessed to have met Cristine with Present Doula! 

I knew that I wanted my birth experience to be different from my first. Cristine listened to my desires and concerns. She helped me create my birth plan and spent 4 hours with me preparing for my birthing experience and postpartum concerns. She helped us draft a letter to friends and family about our postpartum guidelines with baby. She helped us by creating conversation about expectations and possible fears. Our prenatal visit with her was instrumental in calming our anxieties and feeling more prepared. She also offered multiple referrals to birthing, breastfeeding and postpartum classes. 

By week 35 we realized we would be having a planned C-section. Cristine didn't miss a beat and helped us prepare for our C-section. She attended our C-section and was a great comfort for both my husband and I. While my husband focused on baby she sat with me and held my hand though surgery. She stayed with us through pre-op and post-op as well. 

However, the most helpful aspects of hiring our doula was postpartum services! Cristine has been amazing checking in regularly, accompanying me to the lactation clinic, helping us with grocery shopping, cooking us dinner on the days she is here and just being an overall amazing support person! We are so incredibly happy with our choice to hire her and we would highly recommend her services to anyone who is expecting! 

Jennifer & Phil - Redding, CA


After having my first child I quickly realized how much help I really could use. With no family in town, Cristine came to the rescue when I developed mastitis. I'm so glad I asked for help when I needed it the most! Suffering through alone and "making it work" just isn't worth the trade you end up taking. Thank you Cristine! What a blessing! I highly recommend Postpartum care for everyone!

Rebecca - Redding, CA


This was our second experience with a home birth and we both feel that it would not have gone as well if it was not for us hiring a doula.  Cris was very attentive to us and supported us through the whole process.  She helped both of us stay calm when things started to get more intense and made sure that all of our needs were met; from making sure we were hydrated to taking photos, to massage and encouragement, Cris was very supportive and a great help and comfort to have around.  It was a real blessing to have Cris there as our doula and we would recommend her to anyone looking to hire a doula. Thank you Cris!

Kristen and Ken - Redding, CA