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Postpartum doula support

Perhaps you have heard of a postpartum doula, and perhaps you have not. Simply put, a postpartum doula is a trained professional, educated in normal postpartum healing, newborn care, mother care, perinatal mood disorders, nutritious healing foods, breastfeeding, and much more. Hiring a doula for the postpartum season enables you to bond with baby and allow your body to rest, while all of the rest is taken care of. She provides you with gentle suggestions, but never tells you what to do.

First time parents: a doula provides safe space to build confidence
Second time parents: a doula provides peace of mind as other things are taken care of while you have time to bond with baby
Multiples? I am sure you already know you will need extra trained support to ease the adjustment
A postpartum doula encourages space for self care, a non-judgmental listening ear, and education for typical newborn care, breastfeeding, and perinatal mood disorders

adoption doula

Are you planning to, or have you recently taken the step to adopt or become a foster parent?

Physical support as you adjust to your new role as a parent, whether this is your first child or growing your family
Emotional support as you navigate this new experience
Mental support as you embrace and perhaps question what you are doing

prenatal doula

A prenatal doula is a newer service taking root across the country. There are a variety of reasons you may be interested in a prenatal doula. 

Have you been put on bed rest and could use an extra set of caring and trained hands on deck?
Do you prefer a private setting for labor, but are interested in prenatal coaching and postpartum education?
Are you suffering from perinatal mood disorders and could use extra emotional support during this transition to parenthood?