Present Doula

what is a doula?



Simply put, Doula is the Greek word for "woman's servant." This concept dates back for centuries and is beautiful as it is upheld in various cultures around the world. A Doula comes alongside the laboring woman (and partner) to provide non-biased, emotional, mental, and physical support during this intimate and sacred time. It is a lost art of care that is gaining recognition from the medical community as a benefit to all. 

Perhaps you  think you can handle labor and the transition to parenthood without a doula, and chances are you can. You are probably a strong, capable woman. But, consider this for a moment. How much better would the entire experience be with gentle, knowledgeable, guided support along the way, to ensure you feel confident, and are given the time and space you need to heal, while at the same time, knowing your baby and home are also being taken care of? Postpartum Depression is the number one complication of pregnancy, which is why I have sought out training in perinatal mood disorders (PMD). Not everyone will suffer from PMD, but wouldn't it be comforting to have a trained eye to see, provide education on what signs to look out for, and to encourage you that your fluctuating feelings and all pretty normal? 

You are worth the investment of hiring a doula. I believe that. You have to believe this is a wise investment in perhaps the most vulnerable time of your life.